Measures For Social Security of Advocates

Newly Enrolled Advocates
All newly enrolled Advocates be provided Rs.10,000/- per month from date of enrolment till 5 years so that they may establish themselves in the profession.

Advocates Completed The Age of 60
All Advocates who have completed the age of 60 years and be paid a monthly pension of Rs. 30,000/- per month.

Lady Advocates
All lady Advocates be provided with maternity benefits to the tune of Rs.1,00,000/- (Rs.One lakh Only).

Physically Challenged/Disabled Advocates
All physically challenged/disabled Advocates must be provided with disability person to the tune of Rs.10,000/-.

Government Hospitals, CGHS And ESI Services
All Advocates and their family members be extended benefits of Government Hospitals, CGHS and ESI Services and given subsidized treatment in private Hospitals.

New Law For Protection of Lawyers
A new law protecting the lawyers from bullying, threat, intimidation, violence, defamation or any other occupational hazard be enacted providing stringent measures and punishment for wrongdoers and offenders.

Insurance Cover For Advocates
All Advocates be provided with insurance cover of upto Rs.5(five) Lakh rupees by State/Central Governments at no cost and premium.

Ex-Gratia Payment of Rs. 5 (Five) Lakh
In case of unnatural death of an Advocate an ex-gratia payment of Rs. 5 (five) Lakh to be paid next of kin.

Group Housing Societies And Housing Schemes
All Advocates be given 5% reservation in state sponsored/run Group Housing Societies and Housing schemes at subsidized rates.

Day Care For Children of Advocates
In all courts crèches be established to promote day care for children of Advocates.

5% Reservation In Law Colleges And Universities
Children and spouses of Advocates should be given 5% reservation in law colleges and universities.

Rebate of 50%
A rebate of 50% be given to Children and spouses of Advocates should be given in law colleges and universities.

Class I Government Employee Status For Advocates
Advocates be treated at par with Class I Government employee and likewise all facilities available to Class I Government employee be extended to them.

Loan Facility For Advocates
Financial institutions like banks are more often than not reluctant in providing their services like providing of loans, credit cards etc. to Advocates and refuse the same on extraneous and arbitrary considerations, taking shelter of commercial laws and freedom of contract even if one fulfills their laid criteria. Therefore all Commercial laws, Consumer law and Competition Act be amended providing special provisions and exceptions for Advocates and checking the malpractices by Financial institutions.

Establishment of Clerks’ Pool
Since it is not possible for every Advocate to employ a clerk. Therefore in all courts and forums a clerks’ pool be established at the cost of government to discharge clerical duties for Advocates, so that Advocates’ valuable time is not lost in performing petty jobs and they may devote themselves to study and research.